Yoga For Athletes Courses For Coaches & Yoga Teachers

100 Hour Teaching Yoga To Athletes Course For Yoga Teachers

As a Yoga Alliance Professionals Specialist Yoga Teacher I am able to offer this course for qualified yoga teachers as an addition to your yoga teaching qualification. This course will enable you to effectively offer yoga for athletes with an understanding of the components of fitness and principles of periodised sports training for a range of athletes. The course is also suitable for sports coaches and physiotherapists who wish to be knowledgeable about the effectiveness and suitability of yoga as a tool for athletes.

Breakdown Of The Course Content

Where yoga and sports science meet: the similarities, the differences, and the myths (2 hours);

The components of fitness and principles of periodised training and how they can be met with yoga practice (3 hours);

Postural analysis and identifying the impact of daily living and movement and mobility on sports performance (3 hours);

Exploration of the essential components of movement, mobility, stability and technique for the individual athlete (10 hours);

Anatomy and physiology of yoga and how yoga fits with a fitness demands analysis for your sport (2 hours);

Physical practice of yoga postures, including ways to regress, progress, and modify (20 hours);

Sequencing of postures to maximise their specificity and functionality for athletes (6 hours);

Overview of yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics, and how they relate to sport (2 hours);

Psychological aspects of athletic development: mindfulness, management of state and trait anxiety; and visualisation as powerful tools for athletes (2 hours);

The use of breathing practices to improve muscular and psychological performance (2 hours);

Teaching methodology and teaching practice (6 hours);

Considerations for working alongside other professionals such as physios and coaches (2 hours);

Directed self-study, home practice, and written case study (40 hours).

Each day of the course is a combination of theory and practice with plenty of opportunity to deepen your learning through active participation and experience.

Total course hours: 100 hours

Total minimum contact time: 60 hours
Total minimum contact hours with the Senior Yoga Teacher is 60 hours.
The Senior Yoga Teacher and Lead Trainer is Kate Taylor. The Co-Trainer is Ian Taylor.

Please also read our Yoga Teacher Training Course policy documents.

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