Samavritti Pranayama (Equalizing Breath)

Samavritti Pranayama could be just what you need to help you through difficult times.

It is an understatement to say that this is a stressful time for us all so I am sharing this recording of a breathing practice to help to reduce anxiety.

Samavritti Pranayama

When we are anxious our breathing tends to be rapid and shallow and often the out-breath is rushed. One of the purposes of this breathing practice is to gently encourage your breathing to be slow, to be full, and to be even. As well as allowing the body to be efficiently oxygenated, this is also a very relaxing practice.

To translate Samavritti Pranayama: sama means equal or even and vritti means movement or action. So put together the practice means equal movement, often described as Equalizing Breath. Pranayama is a yoga term usually translated as breath control.

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