Welcome to Swim Bike Run Yoga.

This site is a resource for strength and conditioning information and training for triathletes (and their coaches and yoga teachers) using yoga postures and techniques. Of course is you are a coach or athlete from purely swimming, cycling or running or another sport you can find the information here useful too. Our site is being adding to all the time. Alongside this I am in the process of writing a book on just this subject which will be available in the near future. Watch this space!

As well as providing information here, we offer small group yoga courses for anyone wanting to spend some time experiencing and learning about yoga for athletes. We also offer yoga teacher training courses and additional specialist courses for those wishing to teach yoga effectively to athletes and for their coaches who wish to gain a better understanding of the scope of yoga in an athlete’s training.

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I created Swim Bike Run Yoga as a result of years of teaching yoga in my studio in the UK. Amongst my many yoga students were men and women who were athletes in some form, both recreational and competitive. I qualified as a yoga teacher back in 2003 but completed my BSc in sports science and sports psychology in 2016. As I progressed through the degree course modules, and progressed as an athlete myself, I began to filter my yoga through the sports science lens to ensure that the yoga I was teaching was relevant, effective and aligned with sports science. Yoga teaching (as well as any coaching) should be a two-way process and you learn from each person you work with and amass a wealth of experience to offer each successive person. Combined with ever increasing anatomical, physiological, and coaching knowledge, I hope to share what I know and enthuse about yoga with other athletes. My aim is to inform the triathlete about aspects of yoga which are useful to them and what isn’t compatible with their training. I seek also to help other triathlon coaches and also yoga teachers understand the strengths and limitations of yoga in order that they can advise the athletes they work with.

I see and have attended yoga classes, workshops and seminars with teachers who claim to be offering yoga for athletes/runners/triathletes but are actually just offering a yoga session which is no more suited to athletes than any other participant. It might (or sadly sometimes might not be) a pleasant yoga session but is not offering yoga which will assist you as an athlete towards your sporting goals, prevent the injuries you may be at higher risk of, or develop the sports specific strengthening and conditioning you need in the way that you need it in your periodised training. Our yoga is evidence-based and aligned with sports science and sports psychology principles and research. As a sports coach I also recognise how time-crunched most athletes are and know that every training session has to offer value for time. I consider nutrition and lifestyle and psychological coaching to be as important as physical conditioning.

As well as my BSc, I have a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Diploma and am a Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, and am a REPs Level 3 Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. I am also a British Triathlon Level 2 Diploma Coach and British Cycling Level 2 Coach. I work alongside my husband, Ian, who is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Yoga Teacher and British Triathlon Level 3 High Performing Coach and British Cycling Level 3 Coach. I have a counselling qualification and counselling experience and Ian works with NLP. We are qualified and equipped to help you to become (or coach others to become) a physically and psychologically robust athlete. We are both competing age-group athletes in road and off-road triathlons.

I often use the phrase ‘yoga for every body’ to describe my yoga. I begin by analysing and assessing the posture and movement patterns of each person I work with, and modify what I teach to make the yoga work for that person, rather than expecting the individual to strive for some standardised form. Yoga is, used in this way, suitable for and useful to absolutely everyone. I look also at the movement patterns of your daily life and of your sport to assess your needs. Your body is unique to you and your sports training is unique to you. I can help you to learn how to make yoga work for you in the unique way that you need.