Swim, Bike, Run, or Triathlon Coaching

I am a British Cycling Level 2 Coach and a British Triathlon Level 2 Coach and have completed a BSc (Open) in Sports Science & Sports Psychology. I’m also an active competitive triathlete.

My coaching philosophy is very much about time-efficient training and how to maximise training gains whilst also maintaining health through lifestyle and nutrition choices, avoiding injuries, and nurturing personal relationships and work responsibilities. It is a holistic and personalised approach to coaching and training, according to each rider/athlete’s circumstances and goals, and considering also the psychological and emotional needs of each athlete.

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Bespoke Coaching Plans

Group Coaching Sessions

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Bodyweight Strength & Conditioning Workshop

Strength and conditioning should be an important part of training for endurance activities such as swimming, cycling, running and triathlon.  However, it is often overlooked in favour of the data-producing activities.

This time of year is an ideal time to begin a strength and conditioning programme which can then be adapted once you are back into the competitive season.

This workshop will help you identify how strength and conditioning could improve your performance, endurance and injury prevention in your sport and identify your own specific needs. You will work through a bodyweight strength and conditioning session and leave with knowledge and ideas to incorporate further sessions into your home training. The workshop will be led by British Triathlon Coaches Kathryn and Ian Blackie-Taylor.

Sunday 19th November – 13.00 to 16.00 – £25.00
at The Yoga Studio, 3A Paddons Row, Tavistock, PL19 0HF

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Yoga For Athletes

Yoga is increasingly used by professional athletes to complement their sports training. I include yoga in my bespoke coaching plans to help athletes to perform at their best whilst avoiding injury.

In many ways endurance athletes are just like everyone else.  You have many of the same lifestyle-related weaknesses, tightnesses, and injuries as others. In other ways though your needs are different.  You probably no longer need to be motivated to do some exercise! You are more likely to have overuse issues than underuse! Your goals may be performance or efficiency related.

As a competing athlete as well as coach I have good knowledge of what needs to be incorporated into your training programme.

Yoga can help you to:

  • reduce your lifestyle-related physical issues;
  • help you manage stress and anxiety;
  • improve your breathing function;
  • strengthen and lengthen all of your muscles to improve function in all planes of movement;
  • improve or maintain joint range of movement;
  • develop core strength and stability;
  • build postural strength, including in the planes of movement of your sport;
  • strengthen the muscles involved repetitively in your sport to improve endurance and reduce overuse injuries;
  • improve co-ordination, balance, and concentration;
  • help you to gain a psychological edge in your sport;
  • improve immune function allowing you to train and compete without interruption by illness;
  • recover from specific injuries or imbalances;
  • develop your awareness of optimal movement patterns in your body to increase movement economy;
  • and so much more.

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Bespoke Yoga For Athletes

Yoga For Athletes Workshops

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Yoga For Runners Workshop


Yoga For RunnersThis workshop will help you identify the muscles you need to strengthen in order to improve your running posture, running gait, and running economy and endurance.

The workshop will help you to identify your own individual tightnesses which may be affecting your alignment and posture , potentially putting you at risk of future injury or creating discomfort which limits your endurance or enjoyment.

The yoga included in this workshop will help you strengthen, improve flexibility, and explore relaxation practices to manage your stress responses. No previous experience of yoga is needed and the workshop is suitable for runners of all ages and abilities.

Saturday 9th December, 10.00 to 13.00
At  The Yoga Studio, 3A Paddons Row, Tavistock, PL19 0HF.
£25.00 for 3-hour workshop.


You may also be interested in my regular yoga classes at The Yoga Studio, Tavistock. My latest timetable can be found here.